Introducing Stockholm

Stockholm, an urban capital city sprawled across fourteen compact islands, is the cultural, media, political and economic centre of Sweden. Stockholm is the most populous urban area in Scandinavia being home to approximately 965,000 people. Stockholmers call their city ‘beauty on water’ reflecting the Swedes love for design. Everything has its own unique sense of style. The city’s old town is one of the most enchanting historic centres in Europe steeped in cultural riches and style. The neighbouring forests and waters provide a bountiful supply of fresh produce that fuel the booming culinary scene. One can find long standing traditional Swedish cuisines such as toast Skagen while also discovering the latest global culinary trends. 

Despite the city’s rich history, Stockholm is a technology and innovation hub gaining the reputation of being Europe’s ‘unicorn factory’. Stockholm is home to more $1 billion-plus companies per capita than anywhere outside of Silicon Valley with King, Mojang, Spotify, Klarna and iZettle just to name a few. Stockholm boasts one of the highest concentrations of tech professionals in Europe. 


Start-up Ecosystem

Programmer or software developer is the most common job title in the city. Stockholm boasts an incredibly supportive start-up ecosystem with vital access co-working spaces, start-up hubs, events, innovation grants and a growing number of angel investors and venture capital firms. Once known for IKEA, Ericsson and Volvo, the technology revolution has produced multinational tech giants such as Spotify, Mojang and iZettle just to name a few.  

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