Frankfurt city from above


Introducing Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main is glinting with glass, steel and concrete skyscrapers. It is a business and finance powerhouse dubbed 'Mainhatten', being home to the headquaters of the Europea Central Back and one of the world's largest stock exchanges. The city's nightlife and entertainment scene is second only to Berlin and bolstered by the growing student population.

However, Frankfurt has not lost its charm or tradition. Altstadt, the city's old town has cobbled streets lined with half-timbered and gabled buildings. There are numerous village-like neighbourhoods full of bars, cafes and parks.

Transport: Frankfurt operates a truly excellent public transportation network, allowing riders to get virtually anywhere within the city limits. The transport network is comprised of buses, S- Bahn commuter trains and the U-Bahn underground rail. 

River Main, Frankfurt
Kirschbaumblüte, Frankfurt

Eating in Frankfurt: Frankfurt plays host to a wide array of diverse cuisines and restaurants. Kleinmarkthalle, an indoor culinary paradise, features 156 food stalls for quick bites. 

Sights & Attractions: Behind the gleaming sky scrapers that dominate the city's skyline are botanical gardens, zoological gardens and a medieval public square perfect for a leisurely stroll. 

Shopping: Frankfurt is a wealthy city and it shows. Goethestrasse is Frankfurt’s most luxurious street and often referred to as Luxusgasse (luxury lane) by locals.

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