Dusseldorf City


Introducing Dusseldorf

As an international financial giant with a chic shopping street and a revitalised harbour, Dusseldorf seems all buttoned-up business at first glance. Banking, advertising, fashion and telecommunications are among the fields that have made North Rhine–Westphalia's capital one of Germany’s wealthiest cities. However, Dusseldorf plays host to a thriving nightlife with the city taking on a different appearance after dark. Furthermore, the city is renowned for its fashion culture with an art scene to rival many higher-profile cities.

Transport: Getting around in Dusseldord is pretty easy, with a very affordable and efficient public transport system. The public transport network is fully integrated, working on a one fare for all system. You are spoiled for choice with an extended bus, metro and train network operating throughout the city. Moreover, cycling is gaining popularity as government funding increases year on year to extend the 700km of exisiting cycle lanes. 

Media Harbour, Dusseldorf
Koenigsallee (King's Avenue), Dusseldorf

Eating in Dusselfdorf: Like other German cities, Dusseldorf's population is very diverse and this manifests itself in the variety of international restaurants on offer. Authentic German, Italian, Indian and Asian restaurants are just some of the cuisines on offer.

Weather: The weather in Dusseldorf is similar to much of Central Europe. Winters are cold with temperatures averaging 3 degrees in January, temperatures rarely fall below freezing. Summers tend to be pleasent with an average temperature of 19 degrees in July. 

Sights & Attractions: Dusselfdorf boasts an abudance of scenic promenades and walkways such as the Rheinuferpromenade and MediaHaven perfect for when the sun comes out. If you want to escape the city madness, Duesseldorf Grafenberg Wildlife Park spans over 40 hectares with an eclectic collection of over 100 exclusively native animals.

Shopping: Regarded as the most exclusive kilometre in Germany, Königsallee is home to all the top desgner brands as well as four up-market shopping malls. There is also a variety of shopping malls scattered throughout the city, such Ko shopping mall and Schadow Arkaden.