Cologne from above


Introducing Cologne

Cologne is Germany's fourth largest city, renowned internationally for its art and culture scene. The city boasts 42 museums, such as the Museum Ludwig, the new cultural Quarter at Neumarkt and 120 galleries with the widest variety of collections from all eras. Cologne is is located within the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, one of Europe's major metropolitan areas.

Cologne flaunts some incredible architecture with countless medevial churches, ancient Roman walls, postwar buildings juxtaposed with the new postmodern quater beside the Rhine.

Transport: Travelling in Cologne is easy-going, with a very affordable and efficient public transport system. The public transport network is fully integrated working on a one fare for all system. You are spoiled for choice with an extended bus, metro and train network operating throughout the city. 

Saint Sylvester's Day/New Year's Eve in Cologne
The River Rhine runs through Cologne

Eating in Cologne: Cologne is host to a wonderfully diverse array of restaurants. One can find authentic German food or opt to visit the variety of Indian, Italian or Asian restaurants on offer throughout the city at any time of night. There are approximately 1,150 restaurants in the city with 11 flaunting Michelin stars.


Weather: Winter in Cologne is notably less harsh than other German cities, with freezing temperatures being rare. On the flip side, summers tend to be quite mild, averaging around the 15 - 17 degree mark. The city has clear seasons.

Sights & Attractions: There is a plethora of things to do and places to go in Cologne. From visiting the collossal Gothic Cathedral that dominates the skyline, to the Koelner Zoo and Phantasialand Theme Park, you'll always have something to do on days off.

Shopping: Shopping districts are plentiful, dotted throughout the city. ​Schildergasse is Cologne’s best-known city centre shopping street and one of the busiest in Europe! 

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