Senior Software Developer - Software House PHP

Job description

Company Overview

Software House develops and maintains large e-commerce websites for clients across Europe. 3 German offices and another in Europe.

Job Overview

The team uses OOP with php5/7, SQL and version control systems. The size of the teams is dependent on the project. Work is always project-based depending on the clients needs so there’s an opportunity to be diverse in what tech you use, for which projects. You’ll be a part of an interdisciplinary team so there is a chance to learn from others and be a mentor during projects.

The team needs the help of a Senior PHP Software Engineer who has a good understanding of the Frontend. Team speaks both German and English, however for better communication all staff has B1 level German 

Two Step Interview

  • Tech test and Skype Call

  • Gym including various courses to choose from

  • On-site outdoor area with volleyball court

  • €55 - €65k