Machine Learning Engineer

Job description

Must have


  • A curious, creative, analytical mindset open for ideas coming from: psychology, neuroscience, econometry, statistics, physics, machine learning and data science
  • Love for rapid, hands-on prototyping with tight feedback loops
  • Strong familiarity with fundamental statistics, probability theory, information theory, linear algebra
  • Experience in building custom ML algorithms and pipelines from scratch
  • Python, SQL coding skills



Highly desirable


  • Strong core computer science, data structures and algorithms
  • Experience working with very large datasets and live production systems
  • Experience with gradient boosting and/or deep learning
  • Experience with either of: representation learning, semi-supervised learning, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, ranking & recommendation, metaheuristics and optimization, generative models


Bonus points for


  • Public activity in the ML scene (papers, conferences, meetups, videos, open source projects)
  • Coding skills in any of: C++, Matlab, R, Scala
  • Background in research/fintech/adtech