Database Administrator

Job description

What you will do:

As database administrator (DBA) you look after the clients and their end-customers databases. This includes operation, professional design and further development.

Currently the products used include ORACLE, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and MongoDB. The databases usually run in the Linux environment. The databases run both on hardware, as well as in virtual machines and in the cloud at AWS (RDS or dedicated servers).

 In addition to needs-based implementation and operation (performance, high availability, etc.), the monitoring of the database and the required infrastructure is a central task (using Nagios). Today the clients DBA team looks after databases with approx. 50 national and international customers. In addition to the introduction of new databases (design, implementation), you also ensure the ongoing operation of the databases. They provide support, error analysis and troubleshooting in the event of disruptions.


What you need:


  • You ave very good knowledge of ORACLE, PostreSQL, MariaDB and MongoDB and are able to handle these databases from the design of an implementation to the operation.
  • You have very good knowledge of the Linux environment (operating system, network basic services such as DHCP, DNS, etc.)
  • You have experience in using different scripting technologies.
  • You have very good analytical and conceptual skills and are willing to engage in new topics on a regular basis (for example, new databases, AWS, VMware, Linux, betworks, etc). 
  • Fluent English speaking
  • Fluent German speaking


To apply, please send an updated version of your CV to, or apply via LinkedIn within.