Data Scientist

Job description

Job Title: Data Scientist


Main requirements:


  • Experience with software development at backend with any of: PHP, Python, Node.JS, Golang
  • Previous experience working intensively with data modelling and predicting consumer behaviour based on data in e-commerce environment
  • Experience working with microservices
  • Ideally skills working with image recognition software products


Must have:

  • Both Data Science and software development skills


Tasks /project details:


  • Data modelling related to interfaces and using data to recommend products to customers in a targeted manner
  • Data modeling working on which products have highest chances of being purchased.
  • The image skills are useful because product is on-demand meaning people upload images to be used in the design
  • They work with a recommendation engine
  • Person  will be 50% autonomous, working on data projects, and 50% part of Software team and should take part in daily stand-ups.