Data Scientist

Job description

Your tasks

  • You advise our customers on the use of big data technologies and revolutionize their data world
  • You keep track of the processing of large amounts of data and ensure a structured and clear visualization
  • You perfect the data mining - whether search, metrics, clustering, classification or forecasting, even in the largest data mountain you find connections!
  • You are experimenting with new approaches and enabling our clients to handle Big Data efficiently - time series, images, documents and much more.
  • You define your projects and carry out their implementation independently and together with our Data Science team as well as in lively exchange with our customers.

Your Strengths

  • You are a passionate programmer and master languages ​like Python, Java, Javascript. You enjoy analyzing and visualizing large amounts of data using frameworks like Spark, pandas, Tableau. You have practical experience in machine learning and deep learning, you work with SparkML, scikit-learn, nltk, tensorflow, etc. You're passionate about technologies like Hadoop, Elastic, Mesos, Kafka, Docker. You have a degree in Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics or comparable.